My name is Arne Knudson and I create HTML5 banner animations and social media videos. I’m focused on what I do best and am the sole point of contact and collaborate directly with your team. I handle projects of all sizes and I do not get rattled when projects get challenging. One last thing; I live in Hawaii.

Working remotely from Hawaii has its benefits, and not only for me. The time difference allows for both east and west coast agencies to deliver later in the day while allowing me time to work on files and deliver first thing in the morning. It’s a proven method and the fact that I’ve worked with most of my clients for 5+ years is proof. I’m good at what I do and I’ve been animating banners for over 15 years. I have to be, Hawaii is expensive.


The majority of my work is with agencies and in house creative teams. I have a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the agency dynamic and know how to get things done. I am familiar with all the tools required to create great work, have had the opportunity to work with many top brands and am keenly aware of the benefits and constraints that come with these opportunities.


I prefer hand coded HTML5 animations using CSS and the Greensock GSAP library and AfterEffects for creating social media videos. Occasionally the workflow requires the use of timeline based apps such as Adobe Animate or Google Web Designer. I am also well versed many of the proprietary apps for platforms such as Celtra and Sizmek.

Beyond this I am focused and reliable. Many HTML5 developers are not interested in standard display banners or work on them only as a stepping stone to more involved development work. As an animator first and foremost I love working on display banners. It’s what I do best and what I enjoy most.


No two projects are alike and all agencies have their own workflow and personality. First and foremost I am a problem solver and understand that not all projects have all the boxes ticked before going into production. I’ve learned to connect the dots, some of which can be “elusive”, in order to bring the creative to life.  I’ve found the following process to be an important tool to produce the best results. Beyond this, I believe that the best way to ensure a great final product is to create good relationships, friendships even, with the folks I work with.

Pre-kickoff meeting to discuss concept and media requirements. Provide animation suggestions and/or proof-of-concept to ensure proposed creative is doable. Provide estimate & schedule.
Huddle with creatives, producers and media team to discuss approved creative, timing and media requirements. Suggest process tweaks to ensure work is completed per schedule and budget.
Prepare master unit of each execution for internal and client review to lock-down animation. Address internal and client feedback. Client approval of master unit.
Prepare additional sizes of each execution for review. Address internal and client feedback. Client approval of additional sizes.
QA & Delivery
Test units is all current browsers, double-check platform requirements. Create static backups. Perform one last check of deliverables. Deliver final files.
Provide source files and assets. Address any hiccups with media/platform. Celebrate… or sleep.